Bernard Chardon, producer and cheesemaker at the Ariondaz farm in Courchevel, explains how he lives on his mountain pasture and how he plans to follow the 2023 World Championships! 

"The pleasure of making something that will make someone happy."

Where are we ?

“We are in the Farm inn of Ariondaz, we are at an altitude of two thousand meters is where I spend the summer with my cows. I love my job, I have been going to the alpage since I was 13 years old, it is freedom, beauty…

What do you want to show of your village ?

“I think we need to make people who are in front of the TV to make people want to come, to see the valley, to go skiing.”

Where will you be for Courchevel Méribel 2023 ?

“I will be here, because the Farm inn of Ariondaz will be open in winter and I hope that there will be the TV to watch the runs.”