The most glamorous of alpine ski events

Downhill combines extreme speed and technical mastery. The competitors reach speeds of more than 140km/hr and the average speed of a descent is between 100 and 115km/hr.

On Méribel’s and Courchevel’s slopes, the competitors will be confronted by numerous jumps, imposing turns and daunting gradients. The type of snow required by the FIS increases the difficulty as it is often highly compacted and icy in order to limit deterioration of the piste and provide the most equitable course possible.

Light and shade

Another factor that will come into play in both resorts, but especially on l’Eclipse piste in Courchevel, is the transitions from light to shade, which adds considerably to the difficulty.

This discipline is not without risk – but this is a factor in making it the most famous of alpine ski events.

An official, timed practice must be held before the official race.


mean gradient on l’éclipse


athletes on the éclipse & roc de fer


crazy weekend

Speed in its purest form

Watch the series created by the French Ski Federation that allows you to follow the French speed team.

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