1 – Where can I buy my tickets for the World Ski Championships?

You can buy your tickets on the General public ticketing page, the VIP ticketing page and the VIPs-on-skis ticketing page.

2 – When does the ticket office open?

The ticket office has been open since July 5th 2022. Book your tickets as soon as possible because places are limited!

3 – Can I insure my ticket and be reimbursed if I can’t come to the Championships?

Yes, cancellation insurance is offered during the purchasing process for each ticket. You are free to choose whether or not you wish to subscribe to cancellation insurance. We invite you to read all the terms and conditions carefully.

By taking out this insurance (which costs 10% of the ticket price), you will be reimbursed up to 70% of the value of your ticket, without your having to produce any supporting documents.

If you fall ill with Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2 or coronavirus 2019 or its variants) you will receive a 100% reimbursement providing you make your request with supporting documents. Requests for reimbursement without supporting documents will not be accepted.

4 – Which place should I choose?

You have a choice of two public ticket types for the finish area:

– If you wish to sit, we suggest you choose the grandstand seats, which will give you an unrestricted view of the finish area, the last wall and the giant screen (free seating).

– If you wish to stand and support your favourite skiers to the full, we suggest you choose the finish line standing area tickets, which will allow you to be as close as possible to the finish line and amongst the keenest and loudest supporters.

Or if you wish to be immersed in the heart of the competition with an exclusive view of the events, we recommend you choose VIPs-on-skis.

Tickets for all the paid-for areas (grandstand, finish line area or ski fan zone) are not numbered, so you can be wherever you like within in these areas.

5 – What are packs?

A pack allows you to book tickets for several days of events at special rates. Anyone can buy them and enjoy the savings they offer!

6 – Can I bring the children?

Yes, you can bring your children in the knowledge that they will be perfectly safe. Moreover, Family passes (for 2 adults + 2 children under 16 years old) offer you preferential rates on tickets both for the grandstand and the finish line area.

Children’s rates are available:

– For children under 5 years old: tickets are free for the finish line area (but a ticket is compulsory) and the same price as under-16s for the grandstand.

– For under-10s: tickets are €10 for the finish line area and the same price as under-16s for the grandstand.

– For under-16s: weekly tickets are 35€ for the grandstand and 15€ for the finish line area and weekend tickets are 45€ for the grandstand and 25€ for the finish line area.

We remind you that access to all the public areas named here requires a ticket. Children under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult. Each e-ticket is equipped with a QR code allowing access to the event for one person only. You must be able to produce official and valid photo ID when your tickets are inspected.

7 – Help! I’m having trouble booking my tickets

Explanatory videos to help you can be found here.

8 – How do I book a ticket for a disabled person?

Disabled tickets are available to all holders of a disability card. To book a disabled ticket, please fill in our online form.

9 – We are a fan club or a group, how should we buy tickets?

There are special rates for groups and fan clubs (minimum of 10 people). To benefit from this deal, please fill in the form.

10 – Do I have to print my ticket to come to the events?

No, you can download your ticket to your mobile phone, save it on your phone and then show it when you enter the venue.

However, if you do print it out, it must be presented in the same format and it must be a good quality print. Partially printed, soiled, damaged or illegible e-tickets will be considered invalid and may be refused.

By not printing your ticket, you help to reduce the amount of ink and paper consumed!

11 – Will it be possible to buy tickets on site on the day of the event?

While stocks last, you will be able to buy tickets from the ticket office during the events. However, to be sure of obtaining tickets before you arrive at the World Championships and to get the best prices, we advise you to buy your tickets before the day of the event.

1 – How do I book VIP tickets?

To book VIP tickets for your personal use:

– Go to the VIP ticketing service,

– Select the day you want,

– Click on the map and select the offer you want,

– Then follow the booking process.

For specific requests or to book corporate tickets, please contact hospitalite@courchevelmeribel2023.com

1 – How do I get to the competition sites? Will there be shuttles buses to get to the events? Where do they depart from? Will they be free?

To make it easy to access the events and to protect the environment, public transport will be provided from the various towns and train stations in the valley floor.

Buses will be provided between the two host resorts. Free shuttle buses will run between Courchevel Le Praz and Méribel La Chaudanne on the days of the races.

Transport will be provided from major rail stations:

  • – The 3 special buses to Moûtiers from Lyon, Grenoble and Annecy can be booked in advance. From Moûtiers, shuttle buses will take you to the event sites.
  • – 1 link will be provided from Bourg-Saint-Maurice/Aime to the race sites
  • – You can leave your car at one of the Park-and-ride facilities at the bottom of the valley and then take the shuttle buses to the event sites. These will be located at:
    •                   – La Léchère 
    •                   – Aigueblanche water sports base
    •                   – Moûtiers VIP & disabled
    •                   – A park-and-ride facility will be set up in Bozel, with a shuttle bus to the event sites.
    • All information about the transportation plan is online. Find all information here.

2 – Will we be able to circulate in Courchevel and Méribel during the World Ski Championships ?

Some streets will be closed in order to ensure priority travel during the World Ski Championships. Find all the traffic information here.

3 – During the competitions, can we get to Méribel and Courchevel via the ski area as usual?

Yes, you can get around without any difficulty via the linking ski lifts as usual. Only 6 pistes in the 3 Vallées will be closed, which represents only 1% of the total ski area.

4 – If we buy tickets, do we have to get to the resorts by car or can we come on skis? If so, is there a left luggage office or ski locker we can use?

There will be a ski locker (unattended) provided at each arrival area, but there will not be a left luggage office. If you will not be staying in the resort, you will have to book the transport provided by the Organising Committee. 

5 – I have VIP-on-skis tickets, what means of transport should I take? 

If you wish to come from the valley, book on the page transport spectator, the shuttle P+R with the departure from Bozel. It will allow you to take your skis in the shuttles. 

6 – Will any of the pistes or chairlifts be closed during the weeks of the World Championships?

Only 6 pistes will be reserved for the World Championships: in Courchevel these are the Eclipse, the Emile Allais race stadium and the Granges, and in Méribel these are the Roc de Fer, Choucas and Eterlou. All the other pistes will be open to the public, as will all the ski lifts. The ski lifts used for the Championships (4 in total, 2 in Courchevel and 2 in Méribel) will be used both by the competitors and the general public.

7 – I would like to ski during the World Championships, how do I buy my ski pass?

To make your purchase easier and to make the most of your day, we strongly advise you to order your ski pass in advance on
https://www.skipasscourchevel.com/fr/ if you are skiing from Courchevel and La Tania (Courchevel Valley and 3 Valleys packages)
https://www.skipass-meribel.com/fr/ if you are skiing from Méribel and Brides-les-Bains (Méribel Valley and 3 Vallées ski passes)
https://www.skipassmeribelmottaret.com/fr/ if you ski from Méribel-Mottaret (Vallée de Méribel and 3 Vallées ski passes)

1 – Can we find food and drinks on site?

Yes, you will be able to find food and drinks at the World Championships venues. A range of places serving food and drinks will be available. To pay, you will have to use either your bank card or the cashless payment system used on the sites.

1 – What can’t I bring with me to the events?

Due to security measures, only one bag per person (a handbag or small backpack) will be allowed on the sites. No bags, luggage, coolers or other bulky objects will be allowed.

The following items are also not permitted:

– Weapons and sharp objects

– Explosive, volatile or flammable substances and any pyrotechnic devices

– Folding chairs, umbrellas and parasols

– Containers made of glass

– Fires

– Animals (except guide dogs)

– Alcohol

– Drones

– Laser equipment

– Any medium carrying an advertising, protest or religious message 

2 – Will it be possible to leave the sites and return later?

Yes, you can come and go whenever you like. You will be given a wristband at the entrance to the site.

3 – Can I smoke/vape?

Yes, you can smoke or vape. Pocket ashtrays will be distributed to prevent cigarette butts from being dropped on the ground.

4 – Will there be toilets on site?

Yes, there will be toilets at all the sites. There will be women’s and men’s toilets and disabled toilets.

5 – How should I dress for the World Ski Championships?

As the events take place outdoors and in winter, we advise you to dress warmly. We suggest you bring:

– Hat

– Gloves

– Scarf or neck warmer

– Thick-soled boots

– Warm socks

– Warm jacket

– Jumper and several layers underneath

– Warm trousers

– Sunglasses

– Sunscreen

6 – Is there a first aid centre on site?

Yes, there is a first aid centre at each site. These are marked with a cross on the maps.

7 – Are there any left-luggage offices?

No, there won’t be a left-luggage office. However, there will be a ski locker where you can leave your ski equipment.

The following means of payment only will be accepted:

– Credit card/Debit card

– Cashless system

1 – Why cashless?

Throughout the event, your cashless account can be used to pay for your drinks and food. All catering tents, bars and merchandising outlets will accept it as a means of payment.

2 – How do I open a cashless account?

To create your cashless account, you just have to fill in your email address on the cashless page or go to a cashless point located on the sites (a minimum credit of 5€ is required).

3 – How do I pay with my cashless account?

– Credit your account online on the cashless page or at a cashless point located on the sites (with a minimum credit of 5€).

– Place your order

– When you pay, the seller will scan your QR code. For online accounts, this QR code will be on your phone. For accounts created at a cashless point on site, the QR code will be on your cashless card.

4 – How do I top up my account?

Before the event, you can top up online by creating an account on the cashless page.

During the event, you can top up your account online on this page or by credit/debit card or cash at a cashless point in the spectator village.

You can top up your account as many times as you want, before and during the event.

5 – Is the cashless card free?

Yes, the cashless card does not cost anything. However, you must load a minimum of €5 of credit when you obtain it.

6 – How can I find out the balance on my card?

If you have created an account, you will be able to consult the balance on your cashless account by going online to the cashless page.

You can also ask for your balance at the cashless banks or at a bar.

7 – What do I do if my card is lost or defective?

Get a new card by going to a cashless point with your top-up receipt (if you topped up your card at a cashless point) or with your cashless account ID.

8 – I’m coming for several days, do I have to create an account per day?

No, one account is enough!

9 – How do I obtain a refund of my unused balance?

You can request a refund of your balance from 20 February 2022 to 19 March 2022 only on the cashless page.

It is possible to recover the money remaining on your card after the event if the balance of your card is higher than 0,5€. To do this, log in to your account and check that your balance appears. You can then request a refund and enter the credit card to which the money will be credited.

If your balance does not appear, check that your card is linked to your account: the 6-letter identifier must be indicated next to your e-mail address. A “Refund” button will be available on the module in order to make my request from Monday, February 20th 00h01.

10 – How do I get my money back if I have created several wallets on the same cashless account?

The process is the same as for a cashless account with a single wallet. You will only have to repeat the refund process as many times as there are wallets associated to the cashless account.

1 – How should people with disabilities obtain tickets?

Please go to the dedicated information page, where you will find all the information you need to come to the event. The 2023 World Ski Championships will provide special areas to welcome people with reduced mobility. To reserve a place, please fill in this form.

2 – Will disabled parking spaces be available?

Yes, parking spaces for disabled spectators will be reserved for those who have purchased a disabled (PRM) ticket.

If you have purchased a ticket, an email will be sent to you to inform you of the transport solutions provided to get to the various events. 

3 – I have a disability, am I entitled to bring an accompanying person?

Each disabled spectator is entitled to 1 free accompanying-person ticket.

1 – What is a team member?

Would you like to be a part of this magnificent event and contribute to its success? Sign up to become a member of the organising team.

2 – Once registered, what are the next deadlines for the team members programme?

– Your selection: if your profile corresponds to the positions offered, you will receive a confirmation of selection in October by e-mail.

– Your integration: If you are selected, we have planned two important events. There will be a team-building day at the end of November to meet and get to know each other, followed by a training day with your manager in mid-January to train you on your mission.

– Your assignment: If you are selected, you will be assigned to one or more missions. You will receive your assignment by e-mail in December.

– Your assignments: depending on your availability, these may start as early as 14 January 2023!

– If you have any general questions ? Please write to contact@courchevelmeribel2023.com

– If you have a question about tickets and you can’t find the answer in the FAQ ? Send your questions to billetterie@courchevelmeribel2023.com

– If your question is about hospitality ? Contact hospitalite@courchevelmeribel2023.com

– If you have questions about the cashless system and can’t find the answer in the FAQ ? Email cashless@courchevelmeribel2023.com

– If you have questions about the disabled access ? Send your questions to accessibilite@courchevelmeribel2023.com

– If you have questions about volunteers ? Send your questions to equipiers@courchevelmeribel2023.com

– If you have questions about accommodation ? Send your questions to accommodation@courchevelmeribel2023.com

– If you have questions about transport ? Send your questions to transports@courchevelmeribel2023.com

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