Florine De Leymarie, illustrator and ski instructor & former skier in the French team, in love with nature and skiing, tells us how she will live this beautiful sporting period during the 2023 World Ski Championships ! 

"We are lucky to live in a beautiful environment with mountains all around, nature and animals..."

What do you like most here ?

“Animals are back, they have regained their rights and I think that we have to preserve it all. This is what I wish for my kids, to be able to live like this, with nature around.”

What does 2023 mean to you ?

“I think that is a beautiful party to have the best skiers of the world who come here, and also the girls in Méribel ! It is been 14 years since we have not had them in France. The atmosphere of a bleacher, the sound of the bells to encourage the athletes, that can be a beautiful show, and I hope it will. 

I will work as a ski instructor, I might not have time to see all the events but if I can come by that will be amazing.”