Accreditations are strictly reserved for people working on the organization of the World Ski Championships. They allow access to the controlled areas of the competition sites. Accreditation is not a sign of a privileged status, nor is it to be granted instead of an event ticket.

The accreditation request is subject to validation by the organizing committee. Any unjustified request may be refused. You will receive an e-mail notifying you of this refusal.

Personal information

  • E-mail

Your email will be used to communicate information about accreditation pick-up, transport…

  • Identity photography, must meet the following requirements:
  • – A recent color photo
  • – The photo should show a close-up of the applicant’s full head and shoulders
  • – The applicant should be the only person in the photograph and be in the middle of the frame
  • – Without cap, hat or sunglasses
  • – In portrait orientation
  • – In JPG or PNG format only
  • – Maximum size 1 Mo

During the Championships

  • Dates of presence

Your arrival date in Courchevel Meribel, and your departure date. The accreditation centers will open on 16 January 2023.

  • Venue

The accreditation includes a distinction between the two competition venues. Please select only the sites that are strictly necessary.

  • Additional information (optional)

Additional information that you want to communicate to the organizing committee.

Edit or delete a request : if you need to modify or delete an accreditation request, please contact the accreditation department by e-mail:

All accredited persons must respect the rules in force at the competition sites. Any breach of the rules may result in the temporary or permanent withdrawal of the accreditation.

  • – An accreditation is nominative and strictly personal. It cannot be transferred, lent or reproduced.
  • – Accreditation only gives access to the indicated areas (visually or electronically). An accreditation is not a full access.
  • – The reproduction of an accreditation (following a loss, an omission, a degradation…) will be charged 3 €.

The accreditation information collected by the LOC (except identity document) will be shared with FIS for analysis, event organisation, marketing, communication, legal researches (Antidoping) and development purposes, while applying all data protection legislation.

The data related to your identity document is shared only with the French authorities and is not transmitted to other entities.

Kindly notice that all Internet companies’ representatives need to read and fill in the dedicated form before receiving their personal accreditation.

Google (Android 12L) ATTENTION! I am aware that the access to the event venue with any kind of filming device is strictly forbidden to non-rights holders. I am not absolutely allowed to film and use any part of the event, including (but not limited to) race, qualification round, training, podium ceremony and interviews. I am also aware that no agreement has been reached with Infront Sports & Media AG in order to obtain any filming media accreditation, therefore I hereby declare that I will neither access the race venue with any filming device, nor film or use any part of the event or gather audiovisual material from third parties for exploitation on my hereby registered website. Should I not comply with the above specifications, I am aware that Infront Sports & Media shall take any appropriate legal action to protect its copyrights and proprietary rights and to receive just compensation for any loss and damages suffered. If interested to clear the relevant International rights please contact Infront Sports & Media AG at and or Infront’s on site representatives.

ATTENZIONE ! Sono consapevole che Google (Android 12L)l’accesso alla zona di gara con qualsiasi tipo di dispositivo di ripresa video è strettamente vietato a tutti coloro che non ne posseggono i diritti. Non mi è assolutamente permesso filmare ed utilizzare immagini dell’evento, inclusi (ma non limitati a) la gara, le qualifiche, i trainings, la cerimonia del podio e le interviste. Sono altresì consapevole del fatto che nessun accordo è stato raggiunto con Infront Sports & Media al fine di ottenere qualsiasi accreditamento dei mezzi di ripresa, quindi dichiaro con la presente di non accedere alla zona di gara con alcun mezzo di ripresa, né di filmare o utilizzare qualsiasi parte dell’evento o raccogliere materiale audiovisivo da parte di terzi per lo sfruttamento sul mio sito web. Nel caso in cui non dovessi rispettare le specifiche di cui sopra, sono consapevole che Infront Sports & Media potrebbe intraprendere opportune azioni legali a tutela dei propri diritti di autore e dei diritti di proprietà e valersi del diritto di ricevere un giusto risarcimento per eventuali perdite e danni subiti. Se interessati a chiarire la normativa riguardante i relativi diritti internazionali, si prega di contattare Infront Sports & Media scrivendo a e o di fare riferimento al personale Infront presente sul luogo dell’evento.

Google (Android 12L)ACHTUNG! Ich bin mir bewusst, dass die Mitnahme von Geräten zur Videoaufnahme jeglicher Art auf das Event Gelände ohne Genehmigung nicht erlaubt ist. Filmaufnahmen sind während der gesamten Dauer des Events, inklusive (aber nicht limitiert auf) Rennen, Qualifikation- und Trainingsläufe, Siegerehrungen und Interviews, sind nicht erlaubt. Weiteres bin ich mir bewusst, dass keine Einigung mit Infront Sports & Media AG mit zum Erhalt einer Radio- oder Fernsehakkreditierung getroffen, weshalb ich erkläre , dass ich weder ein Gerät für Video/Audio Aufnahmen auf das Event Gelände mitbringe noch filme oder Aufnahmen Dritter zur Veröffentlichung auf meiner Website benütze.Ich nehme zur Kenntnis, dass Infront Sports & Media im Fall eines Verstosses gegen die oben genannten Bestimmungen, legale Schritte zum Schutz ihrer Autoren- und Eigentums- Rechte für eventuellen Schadensersatz einleiten werde.Zum Erhalt der Internationalen Rechte kontaktieren Sie bitte Infront Sports & Media AG und oder das Infront Personal vor Ort.

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