Alain Mandaladjian, in charge of the Méribel Alpina slope service, explains to us the importance of the ski patrols and rescue during the 2023 World Ski Championships!

"When I was four years old, I wanted to be in the rescue business, to be part of the mountain rescue. And so I did."

What will be your role during the 2023 World Championships ?

“During the World Championships we will have much longer periods. It’s a fortnight, so we’ll have to go the distance. 

For us, the work begins in the preparation of the slope from the beginning of the winter, that is to say the production of snow, to constitute a snowpack with regular grooming, winches and standard machines. 

We make ourselves available to the FIS. We have a 24-hour presence on the domain. In fact, we’re more of a behind-the-scenes operation, we’re not really seen. 

There is a very strong focus on us from all over the world.”