Alexandra Meissnitzer, multiple Olympic medalist talks to us about the Worlds and the intensity and stakes that it represents for an athlete! She tells us about her desire and expectations for the 2023 Worlds 🎿

"I love doing this job and especially today when I watch Tessa Worley."

“A World Championships is the chance to make a gold medal. For me, it’s always been a big goal, always a big wish, when I was a kid, I always wanted to be world champion. And so this is, of course, something really special.”

What do you expect from the 2023 Worlds, here in Courchevel Meribel ?

“You have a very good French team. The people are really excited and the audience is always perfect here. So it’s gonna be a huge spectacle. 

What you have in France is the music, the people and the lifestyle. I think it’s all in one. It’s not just sports, it’s even more. And I think it’s really important to send this to the all world. It’s gonna be a perfect place and with the slopes, the slopes are perfect. I’m sure it’s gonna be great in February.”