Antoine Motillon, tamper in Courchevel expresses his love for his job and for skiing. Being handicapped, it allows him to live from his passion thanks to a specific arrangement for him in a tamper. He is looking forward to shaping the slopes that will be the key locations for the various events during the 2023 World Championships!

"The tamper's job, the positive part i that every night, it's a new painting. Every day, we can make a track beautiful so that skiers can enjoy the most of it."

“The machine allows me to access places which are for me completely inaccessible. I have an extra system to climb and to drive it just with the hands.”

A word on the Eclipse track ?

“It is a track that has been created from scratch, there is at the same time shadow and light, which gave it its name. According to the sectors, the view is completely different between the top and the bottom. That is beautiful.”

What's your view on these World Championships 2023 ?

“It’s incredible and it will bring us a huge fame. Yes, if I can participate it could be amazing.”