Franck Ablondi, ski coach of the Club des Sports de Méribel, explains us why skiing is important as well as the sport and the competitions that are organized in the 3 Valleys. This allows the resorts of Courchevel and Méribel to live intensely.

"We are at the sinews of the war, World Championships coming up. The passion, the passion of skiing."

What is being a commando ?

“We’re putting up nets, we remove it, we are watering. Then, on the technique part, race day, here we are really doing the finishing with the athletes who can express themselves at 200%.”

The 2023 World Championships, what image for the youth ?

“The young people of the club have their eyes, eyes wide open for this event. They are also impatient that the D-day starts in Méribel, not attending but seeing all the great competitors they see every weekend on TV express themselves on their training ground.”

And for the resort ?

“The most beautiful image that can exist, is sport. Our resorts were born thanks to winter sports, so this is the sinews of the war. Obivously, customers don’t realize it, but it’s a great advertisement for our valleys, Courchevel Méribel.”