In France, we have the facilities and skills to organise major events. Jean-Baptiste Grange talks about the emotions of running at home.

"Hosting the World Championships, it really is something exceptional."

“In France, we are used to hold high-level events. We have the right slopes, we have the lifts, we have the competent people to prepare the best possible the events. It is also an opportunity to have an event here in France, where people travel, where people come to watch some skiing. 

I know there was a lot of people in 2009, you can already notice it during the finals, there are a lot of people and the two sites of Courchevel and Méribel are really convenient for this.”

How is skiing at home ?

These are events that only happen every two years, and running at home in front of your public is also an additional pressure. If you can get over it and get a big result, it’s also something to remember for life.”