Kévin Rolland describes the energy and enthusiasm that can be felt by athletes running on big events at home!

"We feel an energy that emanates from this event."

Does competing at home change everything ?

Skiing at home, it changes everything. There are all the people we love, that take care about, and who come to see us. So that feels good. 

But also all the people who follow us all year long. There is a tactile side with these people and it is great.

On a big event, what counts for a skier ?

“The most important thing as an athlete, I think, is the infrastructure. For me, the half-pipe has to be good and I imagine that here are the tracks and the layout. 

Then, of course, there is the public. I find that the fact there are people and that we arrive in full stadiums, for me it is the most beautiful memories of my career.

I came for a tour in 2022, so I think I’ll come for a tour in 2023. With great pleasure.”