Marie Marchand Arvier, Head of Communications and Animation for the Organising Committee, explains the social and environmental commitments made by Courchevel Méribel 2023 to preserve the planet and continue to make great sporting events!

"With this audience and all these young children who came, all the French flags, it's rare and it's quite exceptional. And it's really something that gives you chills and butterflies in your stomach, because it's not everyday."

“We are already satisfied with the level of requirement and quality that we offer to the public and the people who are on the site. And that’s a first win. We are not going to slacken and try to optimize all this to be the best possible for the World Championships.”

Are more responsible World Championships possible ?

“It is an event that is committed in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility. The idea is, on those finals : we know that we are not exemplary, but we have started to take steps, changing people’s habits and it’s the hardest part in my opinion. We give them a cup, and they have to keep their cup to go and drink from the fountains. We have to hold on, because that’s how we will manage to reduce and work in the right direction for our planet and to hold beautiful events like this.”