Nicolas Dessum, ski jumping coach and former top athlete, shares his views on the 2023 World Championships.

"I lived the 1992 Olympic Games. Being in contact with the best is always a real pleasure."

As an athlete, what is it like to compete at home ?

“Before the event, there is a particular motivation. You knowyou’re going to be at home, you want to be event better than you could be. On the day of the competitions, it is that there is an emulation around the athletes during the event, event before, after… I think that it can allow some to really transcend themselves.”

How do you see the 2023 World Championships ?

“I imagine them to be very festive because the best athletes will be there and the tracks are there, so it will be really exceptional on a sporting level. It is really a great opportunity for the town, for the resort, to welcome the best in the world in this discipline. And then, for a whole generation, to discover a little bit what it is, this high level sport and maybe create some vocations.”