Perrine Pelen, General Manager of the 2023 World Championships Organising Committee, explains the World Championships territory in Courchevel Méribel.

"We see the little signs : "take the cup home, Go Tessa, go Alexis", it was so cute."

What place for youth in such a sporting event ?

“The wish of these World Cup finals, is that it’s a sporting event, but it’s especially that it can be shared by the greatest number, who can leave a legacy. And it is true that on the downhill we were more than happy to see the appointment schoolchildren who were also able to participate in workshops.”

Courchevel Méribel 2023 is a first ?

“This is the first time that the FIS has awarded two stations the organization of the World Championships. And these finals for us, have been really important to learn how to work together. There is no World Championships in Courchevel or Méribel. It’s a World Championships territory, composed of two sites, which are in Courchevel and Méribel.”