Vincent Lopez Mora and David Girardet talk to us about Club 2023 and the importance of involving all the actors of the territory in the World Ski Championships!

"This wonderful adventure of the Ski World Championships, we don't often have the opportunity to host such an event. Those who already know the World Championships, this will be even better than what they can imagine and have already experienced."

V : I used to work in Paris 15 months ago, and then just a desire for change, for fresh air. A desire to work on a project that makes you dream.

D : When we go to the website, and we see the countdown displayed, we’re already under pressure.”

Tell us about Club 2023, what it is ?

V : The organizing committee alone is worthless. So this Club 2023 really aims to bring together all these local players around the Ski World Championships to ensure, precisely, that it is a collective work at the end.

D : We can feel, since the 2022 Ski world cup finals, the 2 resorts, and even the other towns around start to really get into the event.”

How are you going to experience this World Championships in 2023 ?

D : I think the days will be very interesting, and go very quickly. At the same time we will meet our partners, and all the animations that will be set up. 

V : It’s a one-day race, so there’s pressure. One race, one medal. And also the celebration around all that. Over 150 000 people should come during the 12 days of competition.”