Jade Albrieux, a native of Meribel, explains her affection for these beautiful places and the pride she feels about the organization of the 2023 World Ski Championships in these two resorts!

"Of course there are places as beautiful on earth but for me it is the one."

What do you like the most in dance ?

“What carries me is of course the hard work, everyday, it is hard that is for sure but at the end we have the reward of the scene. Is is like a skier who arrived at the end of the slope and he is the first, he forget everything. That is the beauty ! We just feel the freedom.”

What does Courchevel Méribel 2023 mean to you ?

“That represents a huge pride that for sure Courchevel Méribel is where I lived, is it where I grew up, it is my home, it will always be my home.”