Discover the culinary heritage of our beautiful valleys through the cooking of starred chef Julien Machet! To immerse oneself in the environment in which one evolves also passes by the gastronomy. The specialties of the 3 Valleys and the great chefs who sublimate them will be present during the 2023 World Championships to delight your taste buds.

"We always come to Courchevel for Courchevel but we don't know Courchevel for what it truly is for the playground it provides."

How to describe your cooking ?

“I think that it is like me, it heartfelt embedded in its roots. It’s one of the true cooking of the valley who has truly meaningful benchmarks with the environment and heritage.

If the product is not great, the meal’s can’t be good. Especially with us, there is no make-up.”

What do we need to know about your valley ?

“It’s a valley of sport, it’s also a valley of heart because there is wonderful people in the valley. And it’s necessary to meet them, people always leave with something, a memory…”