Courchevel Méribel 2023 is committed to an eco-responsible approach.

With global warming, many environmental and societal changes are affecting our planet and the context in which we live. In order for sporting events to continue, we are aware that we must do everything possible to ensure their impact is positive.

Today, environmental and societal issues are at the heart of the project. They guide the choices that will enable us to respect our commitments by creating an event whose values go far beyond sport.


“Together, we want to deliver a world-class sporting event that is high-quality, festive and filled with emotion. Our ambition is for the 2023 World Championships to leave a legacy, inspire younger generations and place our area in the limelight

We will achieve this through an efficient organisation that brings together all the players, and by basing ourselves on an identity and iconic images that combine tradition, innovation and CSR.”


The goal of the Courchevel Méribel 2023 Alpine World Ski Championships it to accelerate changes that promote the ecological and societal transition of the region and its stakeholders. Our ambition is to transform the ephemeral into something lasting to leave as a legacy, to go beyond sport to preserve our mountain “playground” and contribute to a more responsible and inclusive society.


As soon as the bid was submitted, the Organising Committee signed the charter of 15 eco-responsible commitments drawn up by the Ministry of Sport and the WWF. In addition, the Courchevel Méribel 2023 OC is using the international standard ISO 20121 as a reference to ensure that CSR issues are taken into account in all activities related to the event. Indicators and targets have been defined for each objective and a carbon footprint is underway to measure our impact and progress between the 2022 World Cup Finals and the 2023 World Championships.


Our CSR commitments are based on 4 main themes and 9 strategic objectives:

Preserve the mountains and their fragile ecosystem by reducing our impact on the environment and the climate by reducing our waste and carbon footprint.

Organise a responsible event, which promotes the region by buying responsibly and by promoting the region and its actors.

Offer a festive, inclusive and accessible event to all by ensuring access to people with disabilities and by promoting parity in our workforce.

Leave a positive legacy in favour of ecological and societal transition by training and raising awareness to contribute toward changing practices.

The Committee will ensure that the principles of integrity and transparency are upheld and that its duty of inclusion and vigilance is respected in the implementation of each of these commitments.