Spectacular races

Parallel races are fun to watch as you immediately get caught up in the excitement! Two identical courses are laid out: skiers set out at the same time and the first to cross the finish line qualifies for the next round, like a knockout tennis tournament!

These events will be held on the Stade du Corbey in Méribel.

The individual parallel slalom

An individual parallel slalom will be held for the first time at the World Championships at Cortina in February 2021. If it is decided to continue this format, it will be held on Méribel’s Stade.

The team parallel slalom

The 16 nations battling it out are decided by overall rankings.

Teams are made up of 6 competitors (4 team members and 2 substitutes), including 3 men and 3 women. The course is laid out with giant slalom gates

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