Faced with the acceleration of our lives, our consumption, our transportation, our dependence on digital technology… we need to reconnect with nature, with what is real, with what is simple…

Water promotes attention to the essential and allows this reconnection.

This is why since 2017 we have been looking for solutions to share this incredible resource that is Bonneval mineral water. A water that is free of human pollution and that does not undergo any artificial treatment.

After more than 2000 years of travel in the heart of the rocks, Bonneval water emerges freely in the French Alps. Its millennial journey gives it a unique mineral richness.

We are fully aware of the fact that we are using a very valuable source, which is why by taking a minimal fraction of the Bonneval source, we reduce our impact and preserve the cycle of nature.

Our duty is also to innovate…

Today we are the only company specialized in water to offer a fully recyclable packaging. Thanks to the advanced technology used, our label is made of bio-sourced materials with fully biodegradable ink.

Our unequivocal commitment also pushes us to innovate in our modes of transport and distribution by choosing alternative and responsible channels.

As a company with a mission, our goal is not only to distribute water, but to have a positive impact on our territory, by encouraging sustainable and ecological practices.

Drinking Bonneval is about reconnecting with the world to better reconnect with ourselves.

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