The territory of Savoie Mont Blanc produces 8 cheeses under official quality label : AOP Abondance, AOP Beaufort, AOP Chevrotin, IGP Emmental de Savoie, IGP Raclette de Savoie, AOP Reblochon, AOP Tome des Bauges and IGP Tomme de Savoie.

Each cheese is kept by a specification thus perpetuating the tradition and the transmission of know-how related to a specific geographical area.

From the valleys to the high mountain pastures, the distribution of cheeses on the two departments (Savoie-Haute-Savoie) allows everyone to strengthen a strong link to their terroir and Savoyard heritage.

The animals, cows and goats, giving their milk for Cheese of Savoy are of mountain breeds: goats of Savoy or Alpine, Abondances, Tarines, Montbeliardes. They are adapted to the climatic variations, to the topography of our mountains, and their milk is of very good quality to make a cheese.

The diet of these animals is natural: mainly grass and hay. Their ration is supplemented by cereals and minerals (without GMOs); however, fermented foods are prohibited.

Thanks to the grazing, the cows and goats of the Savoy mountains maintain the landscapes and preserve the biodiversity of our unique territory! The avalanche risks are thus reduced and outdoor activities are possible all year round.

All the manufacturing steps must take place in the area defined for each of the 8 cheeses and according to very precise rules (gesture, duration, temperature and material) written in their specifications.

All Savoy cheeses are made with raw milk, preserving the original flavours and nutrients of the milk in the tastes of the cheeses.

Come to visit our farms and cheese dairies to discover this beautiful story that began centuries ago and will last for a very long time!

On our Cheese Route sites, we welcome you and share with you our passion for our trades and products, as well as our territory! A truly tasty experience!

Les Fromages de Savoie
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