Discover how Philippe Gilli, a teacher in Courchevel, instills the values of skiing to the children of our valleys! The students have been practicing or hearing about skiing since they were very young, and they will be living in the heart of one of the biggest events in alpine skiing during the 2023 World Championships.

"We hope he will win, we always hope."

Alexis Pinturault, a model for your students ?

“I had him as a student a very long time ago when he was 2 and 3 years old. We have had him come to school twice before. He is kind of considered an idol and he is really an example. He passed on values, they listened and I was happy with what he told them.”

Courchevel Méribel 2023, an inspiring event for young people ?

“Is it something very important, especially for the children who are in the sports club who are already racing and competing.”