Discover how Victoire Andrier, instructor at the ESF Courchevel Village & member of the French speed climbing team, is going to take part in the 2023 World Ski Championships! 

"It is going to be a competition that is going to be super inspiring. Skiing, simply coming in winter and skiing, to seek pleasure and sensations."

Where will you be during the 2023 World Championships ?

“I will definitely come to feel the atmosphere and see how things are going on.”

What can this competition bring to you ?

“It is very important to be inspired by big events, by champions. Also to watch and listen the interviews, their feedback, how satisfied or not they are with their performance.”

As an athlete, what do the public bring to you ?

“All these people that come generate an energy that is crazy, that is multiplying. Living this event allows us to project ourselves a little for Paris and to take the temperature of this first strong sporting moment, which will continue in 2023 and 2024.”